Neueda Labs

is a software company in Riga where anyone can be a hero.

We are actively looking for serious Java, graph database, and web developers. If you feel serious, please share your CV or LinkedIn profile with Zane.

Join Us

Join a team of highly skilled engineers that are genuinely in love with software delivery.

Be Empowered

In Neueda, we make meritocracy a reality. Anyone can be an architect, team leader, or technical senior — the only requirement is having skills and passion for the job.

Be Enlightened

One of our favorite pastimes is to host internal workshops. Why learn alone, when there are expert colleagues that can’t wait to share all the gritty details.

Be Secure

Of course, we provide stable salaries, health insurance, and other common benefits of an established software company.


We believe that amazing technologies are the foundation for a successful project.

Ways of Working

We use simple tools and follow a painless process.


To always be in touch.



For planning all the things.



To organize research.



For all that is missing.

The Community

We open source and give back to the community.
Open Source

Open Source

Open-source contributions aren’t just our hobby — it’s part of the job.

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User Groups

People from Neueda are behind some of the most popular local communities for developers.

Interested? Why not discuss this in person — drop us a line with your CV attached, and we’ll invite you over for tea.